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California Chronicles is a diverse collection of stories that shine a light on the invaluable experiences and contributions of older Californians. Older Californians have built resilience and strength over their long lives through successes, failures, joys, and difficulties. Sharing the stories and contributions of older adults can inspire people of all ages, as we recover and rebuild together a California for all ages.

Every story matters and that is why we are lifting up stories of everyday Californians sharing their experiences. These legacies strengthen communities and spark connections between generations of all ages. We all have a story – share yours today!


Types of Submissions

Share your story, your way. We accept the following types of storytelling:

Video or audio Recording


photo or art with caption

oral history

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David F.

Farewell David. May your trickster spirit flourish elsewhere, unfettered by time, space, and anchors of "reality". Neshama shares her...

Shirley K

Shirley was a champion for California's older adults. As an employee of Bechtel she was elected Chairman of the Board of the Bechtel...

Ed W.

Sailing With Latitude Sailing on the open seas is at once exhilarating and contemplative. It challenges both your physical and mental...

John K.

84-Year-Old Matador Realizes Dream, Graduates from CSUN. Through many hurdles in my life, I was able to achieve this dream right here at...


For over 25 years Andy battled mental illness, spending his days in-and-out of jail and mental health institutions. Andy discovered Step...